Cohort Analysis in Google Analytics

analytics user cohort

A sample report

This week I was working on creating some cohort reporting for Google Analytics and Mailchimp for a client – cohort reporting gives you great insight into customer loyalty habits and is very powerful and important for start-ups.

In GA I found the easiest way to build automated Cohort reports was via the Analytics reporting API, creating dynamic segments for the month of first visit for a user, and then reporting on subsequent monthly behavior (you could build segments manually in the GA dashboard but it’s not as easy to automate). I’m still working on a Mailchimp version but again will utilise their API and a bit of python!


To my surprise today when checking some stats I stumbled upon a new report in Google Analytics does a much better job of this!

Google Analytics Cohort Report

the new Cohort report in GA



The report is in Beta, and only seems to allow me to look back at 3 months, 12 weeks or 30 days worth of data (depending on if a cohort is a monthly, weekly or daily unit).


You can view cohort behaviour such as user retention, pageviews, sessions, transactions of goal completions.


All cohorts are assigned by when their first session was, but the tool-tip suggests this is just the first of more to come, so I imagine first transaction or first event would be useful for different businesses.


analytics user cohort

A sample report


This report sample shows how the cohort data is displayed – unfortunately the account I was given access to the beta through has no traffic so the data is a bit sparse!


There is also another report I had not spotted before – ‘active users ‘ – which seems to me to be similar to Facebook’s active user reports – so that you can see of current traffic, how many of your users have been recently active in the last 1, 7, 14 or 30 days.


I wonder when it will roll out into my client’s accounts! In the meantime, back to python…

My Plans for 2015

  • Go to Barbados using free tickets won from BA. (get in!)
  • Become an e-learning master.
  • Make Snaptrip! HUGE.
  • Launch a product of my own.
  • Get Married.
  • Honeymoon.
  • Finish my pilots licence (or have a realistic time-frame in place to do so).
  • Get Laura to make something.
  • Epic Las Vegas trip.
  • Buy a new car (9 years is surely enough time to deserve one?).



The Seasons of a Man’s Life / Paddle your own Canoe

I’m 31, and recently began to think I am reaching the ‘self-actualisation’ layer of Maslow’s hierachy of needs. Since June this year I have become self-employed and attained a fianc√©. These and other reasons have given me esteem. – so now I can work on that top layer of the pyramid (see right).


I like to think it’s a case of making peace with myself, my decisions and progress so far, as well as working out how to be a person of the world. I’m going to try and work on these things, as well as rounding off my life so it’s as rich and full as it can be.


I also have learned a lot getting to 31, about how priorities change and how the real importance of things I thought as a kid didn’t matter, and the irrelevance of things that as a kid I thought really mattered. I feel like helping others get to this point would be enjoyable.
Things I still lack:

  • A hobby that isn’t either expensive (flying) or done just on my own (websites, flight simulation, swimming).
  • My own mostly self-built self sufficient business (a personal aim!).
  • A job as a pilot.. this is a whole topic but I love flying and need to work out and be happy with the role it plays in my life. If not a job, then a regular hobby, or an interest? I’m still unsure.
  • Good time management.


Things to develop:

  • My work abilities (ongoing).
  • Grow more in self confidence.
  • Tolerance, respect and patience of others – and how to network!

My photos are getting out there!

I love taking photographs when I head out on trips, it’s always so great looking back over images to remember holidays – but I also try and get the best shots possible!

That’s why I am so pleased I got to use one of my photo’s for Snaptrip’s last minute new years breaks page!

This new blog theme also helps me highlight images so I’m going to try and post some of my all time favourites!

Discovery in Kentish Town

Found a funky little underground bar at the weekend – met some friends at The Forum to see ‘Pop Punk’s Not Dead’… ended up heading down these stairs for a few quiet drinks..


We were not sure what we would find but had speakeasies at the back of my mind. The deviation paid off as what we’d discovered was a cool little bar –¬†SheBeen

If you’re over in Kentish town it’s worth a visit – the have some tasty snacks, a range of cocktails, and some funky little nooks to sit in. Something different anyway!

The gig was not so great – went for New Found Glory and realised we don’t know most of their new stuff!

Mailchimp Bulk User Delete

I have found many times where I’ve wanted to mass delete users from a Mailchimp list – and this isn’t something mailchimp provide, so I’ve written a script that uses Mailchimp’s very good API to delete email addresses in bulk.

I’ve put this online for general use: Mailchimp bulk user delete (see update)
Somebody pointed out – how can can they trust this form? So I have put the code here –

Just create a text file of email addresses, find your API key (how to do that) and list Unique ID (how to do that), and then you’re off.

I’ll create a few other simple but useful tools in the next few days.

NB – use sensibly.

I have migrated away from my old site so the tools has gone – but the github code is still there!