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My Plans for 2015

Go to Barbados using free tickets won from BA. (get in!) Become an e-learning master. Make Snaptrip! HUGE. Launch a product of my own. Get Married. Honeymoon. Finish my pilots licence (or have a realistic time-frame in place to do so). Get Laura to make something. Epic Las Vegas trip. Buy a new car (9 [Continue]

The Seasons of a Man’s Life / Paddle your own Canoe

I’m 31, and recently began to think I am reaching the ‘self-actualisation’ layer of Maslow’s hierachy of needs. Since June this year I have become self-employed and attained a fiancĂ©. These and other reasons have given me esteem. – so now I can work on that top layer of the pyramid (see right).   I [Continue]

Discovery in Kentish Town

Found a funky little underground bar at the weekend – met some friends at The Forum to see ‘Pop Punk’s Not Dead’… ended up heading down these stairs for a few quiet drinks.. We were not sure what we would find but had speakeasies at the back of my mind. The deviation paid off as [Continue]