The Seasons of a Man’s Life / Paddle your own Canoe

I’m 31, and recently began to think I am reaching the ‘self-actualisation’ layer of Maslow’s hierachy of needs. Since June this year I have become self-employed and attained a fiancĂ©. These and other reasons have given me esteem. – so now I can work on that top layer of the pyramid (see right).


I like to think it’s a case of making peace with myself, my decisions and progress so far, as well as working out how to be a person of the world. I’m going to try and work on these things, as well as rounding off my life so it’s as rich and full as it can be.


I also have learned a lot getting to 31, about how priorities change and how the real importance of things I thought as a kid didn’t matter, and the irrelevance of things that as a kid I thought really mattered. I feel like helping others get to this point would be enjoyable.
Things I still lack:

  • A hobby that isn’t either expensive (flying) or done just on my own (websites, flight simulation, swimming).
  • My own mostly self-built self sufficient business (a personal aim!).
  • A job as a pilot.. this is a whole topic but I love flying and need to work out and be happy with the role it plays in my life. If not a job, then a regular hobby, or an interest? I’m still unsure.
  • Good time management.


Things to develop:

  • My work abilities (ongoing).
  • Grow more in self confidence.
  • Tolerance, respect and patience of others – and how to network!

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